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Memoria corporativa para la Cámara Oficial Mineira de Galicia

Annual report for public institution

Corporate Report for the Official Mining Chamber of Galicia

Corporate report for the Official Mining Chamber of Galicia

The Official Mining Chamber of Galicia (COMG) represents the industrial sector of mineral resources in Galicia: mining companies, spas, and mineral water companies, which include individuals and legal entities engaged in activities related to any phase of the mining cycle (research, exploration, exploitation, commercialization, etc.).

COMG carries out intensive activities involving contact with administrations, participation in sector representation meetings, training, occupational safety and health, technical assistance, and communication.

The challenge

The activities of COMG need to be visible so that its stakeholders can assess its performance and verify that it follows its strategic guidelines. For this purpose, an annual date is set for reporting to an assembly.

Assembly of the Official Mining Chamber of Galicia

The solution

Bannister Global, as the communication consultant for COMG, has been responsible for drafting, developing, and designing all communication tools for the annual assembly since 2017. This includes creating short videos with messages, editing, writing, and designing speaker presentations, event coordination, including protocol, media relations, and stage design.

The results

The most prominent communication tool is its Annual Report, which involves documentation, writing, translation, design, and layout work, as well as printing copies on paper.

The Annual Report is physically delivered to attendees at the Assembly and sent by mail to members, partners, and stakeholders. Additionally, the technical and management team of COMG uses it as a presentation of the association in meetings and events throughout the year.

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