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Día del Libro en Carrefour Property

Book Day campaign for shopping malls

Book Day campaign for shopping malls

Digital campaign for Carrefour Property

In celebration of Book Day, we launched a digital marketing action for all Spanish shopping malls managed by Carrefour Property: a book recommender that provided participants with their ideal reading recommendation through a simple test.

Carrefour Property is the real estate subsidiary of the Carrefour Group. The company manages the group’s real estate assets in France, Spain, and Italy. It operates 117 centers, making it the leading manager of shopping centers in Spain with 2.6 million square meters under management.

The challenge

Implementation of a promotional action that could be carried out simultaneously in all Carrefour Property shopping malls, as well as in a selected group of individual malls, taking into account the different characteristics of each while promoting the benefits of reading.

The solution

Bannister Global proposed to Carrefour Property the implementation of a book recommender, an application that, through a simple test, offers participants their ideal reading choice to celebrate Book Day. Additionally, all participants entered a final prize draw related to Book Day.

We took care of both the technical development of the action and the creative artworks for its communication across various digital and physical channels.

The results

This action achieved a dual objective: high participation from customers in each of the Carrefour Property shopping malls involved in the campaign, as well as promotion of the benefits of reading among all participants.

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