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Evento sobre la industria aeroespacial

Event on the aerospace industry for public institution

Event on the aerospace industry

Informative day for the Social Council of the University of A Coruña

The Social Council of the University of A Coruña (UDC) is the participation body of society in the University, serving as a bridge between the Galician society and the UDC. Among its various functions is the organization of activities and events that promote mutual understanding, stimulate the university’s research activity, and drive initiatives that bring university students closer to the demands of the job market.

The Social Council of the UDC periodically carries out workshops and events on various topics of interest, such as cybersecurity, employability, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and content dissemination, among others.

The challenge

On this occasion, the Social Council of the UDC wanted to organize an in-person event in A Coruña focused on the aerospace industry, with the participation of two Spanish references in this field: Pedro Duque, the first Spanish astronaut and former Minister of Science, Innovation, and Universities, and Sara García, the first Spanish female reserve astronaut and molecular biologist at CSIC.

It was a great opportunity to address the present and future situation of the sector in terms of education, research, innovation, entrepreneurship, knowledge transfer, and public-private collaboration.

Event on the aerospace industry

The solution

Bannister Global took care of the entire organization and the development of the communication plan for the event.

Once the timing and ideal location were agreed upon with the client, the creation of the event’s image began, along with its adaptation to different communication tools, as well as the definition of the order of interventions and key topics to be addressed during the event.

Different tools were used to communicate the event:

  • Creation of a landing page with relevant information and a registration form.
  • Publication of social media content for dissemination and recruitment purposes.
  • Design and creation of posters and invitations.
  • Creation and management of a registration form for invitations sent by the Social Council of the UDC.
  • Development, sending, and management of an email marketing campaign. Configuration and sending of a thank-you email after registration, as well as reminders with the necessary information to attend the event.
  • Creation of content for the client’s website.
  • Preparation of press releases and distribution to media outlets.
  • Production of a promotional video for the event.

Additionally, Bannister Global took care of preparing all the staging, from designing the different creative elements to selecting and arranging the furniture on the stage, as well as creating the audiovisual contents that would be projected on different screens.

It is worth noting that, considering the event format and the size of the venue (Auditorio Arao de Palexco, in A Coruña), a closed-circuit television system was chosen to always project the speakers’ image on the screen. In this regard, a detailed schedule was prepared, and the audiovisual content was coordinated on-site. Furthermore, during the event, the Bannister Global team was responsible for:

  • Managing the timing of the event.
  • Preparing and coordinating entry control, checklists, and protocols.
  • Managing the photocall and handling media statements from the event’s protagonists.
  • Generating and publishing content on the client’s social media channels.
  • Creating a QR code and coordinating the question-and-answer session with the audience.

The results

The event had a significant impact in local media and attracted over 500 registered attendees.

This resulted in a full room of attendees who enjoyed two and a half hours of knowledge and experiences shared by Pedro Duque and Sara García through two keynote speeches and a panel discussion with the audience at the end of the event.

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