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Memoria de sostenibilidad de Edar Bens

Sustainability report for public company

CSR Report for Edar Bens

CSR Report of Edar Bens

The public company Edar Bens, SA is responsible for the wastewater treatment service for the municipalities of A Coruna, Arteixo, Cambre, Culleredo, and Oleiros. These five municipalities jointly manage this essential task for the citizens, based on sustainability criteria, environmental respect, and cost optimization, with the aim of providing a quality public service to the more than 400,000 inhabitants of the metropolitan area.

Since its establishment, Edar Bens actively contributes to the protection and conservation of the environment, the sustainable use of natural resources, and the respect for the marine environment, in addition to boosting a commitment to public service and the promotion of good practices.

The challenge

Beyond its main activity of wastewater treatment, Edar Bens allocates resources to research projects related to water and energy. These lines of research focus on persistent pollutants, sludge valorisation, and the generation of renewable gases (biomethane and hydrogen). Additionally, during the Covid-19 pandemic, it promoted the CovidBens project to detect the amount of virus present in the wastewater of its five municipalities.

Edar Bens also maintains outreach programs, such as visits to its plant and workshops for students related to the water cycle, and supports social action initiatives such as the collection of used domestic oil.

All these efforts need to be communicated to the public and stakeholders as a basic mechanism for accountability and social responsibility.

The solution

In addition to using online tools such as its website and conducting intensive public relations work and content creation, Bannister Global annually prepares the CSR Report of Edar Bens.

The results

Edar Bens’ sustainability report is a brief document in the form of a leaflet that reflects the company’s initiatives, both in terms of its activity (wastewater treatment) and its social impact through research, outreach, and recycling.

This document is used in company presentations, public events, and is sent to stakeholders. To meet sustainability objectives, it is printed on FSC-certified recycled paper.

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