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Retail marketing

Campaigns for shopping malls and retail businesses

Have you ever wondered why consumers choose a shopping mall? Or why they prefer one store over another? Businesses are increasingly seeking to turn shopping into a unique experience for their customers. And how do they do it? Through effective retail marketing strategies.

Consumers’ preferences have changed in recent years: due to disruptive technology, they now demand better reasons for shopping in physical rather than online environments. As a result, retail marketing has a clear objective: to build and transmit a sense of leisure, entertainment and belonging that the online shopping experience is unable to deliver.

The right retail marketing strategy guarantees a greater degree of personalisation in terms of the messages transmitted and enhances the shopping experience. Taking advantage of the opportunities and integrating relevant technologies in retail campaigns is essential in order to reach a wider audience.  

Marketing services for shopping malls

Marketing services for shopping malls

At Bannister Global, our team of professionals have accumulated years of expertise in the sector, contributing a strategic vision that is essential for reaching the targets set. We focus on delivering full plans based on an agency fee, which includes multiple actions as well as specific tasks:

Website development and management

Social media

Video marketing

Event organisation

Graphic design

Strategy consulting

Media relations

Public relations

Street marketing

Promotion dynamics

Email marketing

Inbound marketing

Online advertising (PPC/SEM)

SEO positioning

Turnkey campaigns for retail businesses

Turnkey campaigns for the retail industry

The growth of e-commerce has forced shopping malls and physical stores to reinvent themselves and offer experiences to consumers. This requires creative actions capable of generating impact that will draw traffic to retail premises.

Organising events and activities will boost the length of time customers spend on the premises, thereby increasing their expenditure (actions related to ticket sales), generating visit recurrence (“there’s always something going on here”) and communication impact (repercussion on social media).

At a time when it is proving increasingly difficult to direct customers towards large or small physical retail spaces, effective retail marketing strategies are essential in order to impact on customers, identify how to contribute value to them and, most importantly of all, communicate with them in an ever-changing omnichannel environment. Bannister Global creates turnkey experiential marketing events, geared to generate impact and based on multichannel marketing options tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and goals.

Actions to generate visits

Ticket sales promotions

Promotion dynamics

Digital dynamics and campaigns

Street marketing

Promotion actions with stand

Omnichannel campaigns

Examples of retail marketing actions organised by Bannister Global

Guía de marketing de centros comerciales

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