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A specialized communications, marketing and public relations agency


Agencia de marketing Galicia

What do we do?

We enable communication between companies and institutions and their clients with a simple model for our customers’ success.

How do we pull it off?

First of all, we listen carefully to our clients, then we focus on their needs offering a comprehensive suggestion plan, and finally we put it all into practice.

How do we carry it out?

Our services are designed to help you achieve growth goals (visits, leads and sales) by using a wide range of tools.

Our services

Organizations, companies as well as institutions operate in real environments developing products or providing services. Bannister Global nevertheless, focuses on perceptions.

Bannister Global not only focuses on every single service that we provide, but also creates and develops comprehensive action packs. We work on demand creating projects that respond to our clients’ needs through the use of processes of excellence

Inbound marketing

It’s clear: digital marketing must be attractive and friendly and — of course — produce great outcomes (visits, leads and sales). By creating content specifically designed to catch the attention of interested people, inbound marketing attracts only potential qualified customers to your environment.

Agencia de Inbound marketing
Marketing centros comerciales

Marketing for shopping centres

Modern shopping centres have become recreative spaces where visitors seek to meet their own leisure needs and demands. The adaptation of shopping centres to new digital marketing trends makes necessary to include digital tools of all kind into their marketing strategy in order to get to know their visitors better and to offer an experience adapted to what those visitors like and their shopping habits.

Industrial Marketing for B2B companies

Complex solutions, various decision makers and long sales cycles. B2B companies need a specialized industrial marketing strategy due to their unique characteristics. It is important to know buyers, the departments involved, and the shopping process. Engineering marketing seeks to answer specific needs, so they tend to research in depth before making a purchase.

Informacion marketing profesionales b2b

We are a results-oriented agency.

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