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Marketing and Public Relations Services

Made-to-Measure Consultancy

Organizations, companies as well as institutions operate in real environments developing products or providing services. Bannister Global nevertheless, focuses on perceptions.

Bannister Global not only focuses on every single service that we provide, but also creates and develops comprehensive action packs. We work on demand creating projects that respond to our clients’ needs through the use of processes of excellence.

Communication can no longer be divided into external or internal; neither online nor online; and will never be just local again. It is only good if it works. Bannister Global is not a tool box agency, it is a solution provider to achieve goals and overcome challenges.

Servicios de inbound marketing

How can we help?

Marketing for shopping centres and retail brands

Shopping malls and retail companies are under a deep transformation and they aim to offer an experience adapted to their visitors and their shopping habits. A solid strategy, also in digital marketing, is required to achieve this.

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Industrial Marketing for B2B companies

To answer specific needs and to sell complex solutions, it is necessary an industrial marketing strategy. It is important to know the purchase process to be able to have an influence on it.

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Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing allows a better return of investment than traditional marketing. It does not matter if your company is big or small, the inbound method is 10 times better in costs and effectivity than outbound.

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Video marketing​

Creating audio-visual marketing content is key to have an impact on your potential audience. Though videos for both web and social media, you will be able to support commercialization as well as to boost brands and products.

Email marketing

An email marketing strategy is indispensable to be in touch and to activate potential clients. One-time campaigns, newsletters, automation marketing…

Strategic consulting

Before rushing to deploy tools, we must thoroughly understand the activity of each company and know their goals and challenges to draw up a communication plan tailored to your needs.

Digital tools

We identify the right technology and the platforms that fit best your project needs, the results you are looking for, and the UX. A web, an app, a digital publication…

Social Media

Creating audio-visual marketing We create and maintain networks to engage your brand to the audience you want, in order to generate confidence and to lead a conversation. That’s a Social Media Marketing strategy.

Public relations

Gaining exposure to your audience, like media, public administrations, target accounts and sectoral organizations, among others, is critical for some industries and our job.

Live events

The best way to impact key audiences is live marketing. Host a customer visit, a conference, or participate in a trade fair or convention is our daily work.


Online advertising (search, display or social) are effective, also outdoor and media campaigns. Its use depends on the target audience and the product.

Design and creativity

Traditional tools can be highly effective; therefore, we design catalogues, annual reports… Our design team has great experience creating brand identity and corporate documents.