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Campaña Fotomascotas para Carmila España

Online pet photo contest for shopping center

Pet Photo Contest for Carmila Spain

Promotional action for Carmila Spain shopping malls

In recent years, more and more shopping malls have implemented pet-friendly policies, opening a range of opportunities to carry out promotional activities related to animals. At a digital level, Bannister Global has implemented a pet photo contest in several shopping malls and galleries of Carmila Spain, an online action to find the most amusing pets.

Carmila is the third listed company of shopping centers in continental Europe. It was created with the aim of transforming and enhancing the shopping centers adjacent to Carrefour hypermarkets in France, Spain, and Italy. Its portfolio consists of 202 centers, of which 78 properties totalling 506,000 square meters are located in Spain.

The challenge

Implementation of high-impact digital campaigns to raise awareness of the new pet-friendly policies in Carmila Spain shopping malls and galleries. In addition, other objectives were considered, such as acquiring new contacts for the participants’ CRM and increasing the number of participants in the action.

The solution

Bannister Global proposed the following promotional action: a pet photo contest in which participants entered a final draw in collaboration with center’s operators, by completing a simple form and uploading a funny photo of their pet. Then, a voting phase was opened, allowing anyone to vote for their favorite animal, and the photo with the most votes won the final prize.

The conceptualization of the action, digital development, as well as all the creative and prize management aspects, were handled by Bannister Global

The results

This digital dynamic, implemented on different dates in four Carmila Spain shopping malls, successfully achieved the main objective of increasing visibility for their pet-friendly initiatives, with almost 2,000 participants across the centers where it was launched. Additionally, over 1,000 new registrations were obtained for the CRM of the locations where this action took place.   

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