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Página web para grupo del sector biotecnológico

Website for a biotech industry group

Website for a biotechnology industry group

Development of a corporate website for AMSlab

With a presence in over 45 countries, AMSlab is a Spanish group of biotech companies specialising in quality control services and analytical solutions for various sectors: veterinary services, pharmaceuticals, food, and healthcare.

Within AMSlab, several companies coexist that offer innovative solutions to clients worldwide: AMSvet, AMSbiopharma, CIFGA, AMSfood, and Nexotech.

The challenge

On the occasion of its 15th anniversary, AMSlab presents to Bannister Global the need to renew its corporate website with the following goals:

  • Attract and impact AMSlab’s target audiences (commercial and non-commercial).
  • Improve brand positioning in search engines.
  • Offer a clear image of the group, allowing visitors to have an accurate idea of its technological and professional capabilities.
  • Assist in the dissemination of R&D projects from the different companies within AMSlab, a clear demonstration of the group’s commitment to innovation.
  • Facilitate the website’s transformation into a tool that helps the human resources team in talent acquisition processes.

The solution

In mid-2023, Bannister Global builds a new AMSlab website in two languages (Spanish and English) and tailored to the audiences of the different brands that make up the group. The project has the following characteristics:

  • Content restructuring with an SEO focus, through the selection of keywords of particular interest to the brand and the use of best practices for search engine optimization: optimized tagging (titles and meta descriptions), hierarchical heading structure, keyword density, sizes and alternate text for images, URL definition, loading times, etc.
  • Emphasis on a structure that facilitates website navigation and usability.
  • Updating the visual appearance of the website through a customized design adapted to the new visual identity of AMSlab.
  • Custom technical development using WordPress building elements.
  • Web performance optimization (WPO) and loading times improvement.
  • Integration of analytics through GA4.

The results

AMSlab unveils its new website in July 2023, with notable improvements in content, navigation, usability, and design, as well as a remarkable optimization of performance and loading times.

According to PageSpeed, at the time of its publication, the website has a performance score of 99/100 for the desktop version (100/100 for accessibility, 100/100 for best practices, and 100/100 for SEO), and 94/100 for the mobile version (97/100 for accessibility, 100/100 for best practices, and 100/100 for SEO). These results are the outcome of technical development that prioritized user experience and loading speed, a key criterion for boosting search engine positioning.

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