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Reaction Marketing for 2021

The global health emergency and economic crisis has brought unprecedented disruption to businesses in all sectors. The team at Bannister Global is working hard to identify new strategies and opportunities for innovative connections and pathways for marketing actions that will boost sales.

Our mission is to build marketing strategies tailored to the current situation that are capable of taking advantage of the ‘New Normal’ economy.

Reaction Marketing

Products adapted to 2021

Here at Bannister Global, we deliver digital marketing and sales alternatives adapted to mobility restrictions and social distancing. In 2021 will see changes in the way business is done and we want to contribute to these changes.

Digital stands

Digital stands

The elements included in your traditional marketing strategy for trade fairs (face-to-face meetings, demonstrations, videos, etc.) can be easily adapted to the digital world.

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Virtual events

Virtual events

Transferring regular activities such as conferences, presentations, seminars or press conferences to digital environments takes strategies and technology.

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Recovering leads

Recovering leads

If face-to-face contact with clients and potential customers has been diminished or lost during lockdown, you need effective marketing actions to get it back on track.

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Resources for the New Normal

Businesses everywhere are faced with an unprecedented scenario and the need to carry out their digital transformation in order to remain competitive. At Bannister Global, we can provide you with a series of resources, reflections and ideas on how to tackle the changes in marketing and communication challenges in the light of the new economy.

Guía de marketing industrial: el futuro después del Covid-19

Post-pandemic marketing for shopping malls

The coronavirus crisis has impacted on all areas, and shopping malls are no exception to this. What is the use of continuing with a marketing plan that was designed months ago? Now is the time to consider new strategies that will minimise impact.

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COVID crisis?

Marketing for B2B companies: resources for the new economy

Many industrial companies working in the B2B market have seen their plans for 2020 and 2021 seriously disrupted by the crisis. During this period of change and transformation, our goal is to help you integrate strategies into your marketing plan that will keep you active, generating leads that will enable you to meet your targets whilst adapting to the new scenario.

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